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14 Benefits of New WiFi Technologies for Higher Ed IT

College and university budgets are always tight, asking IT to do more with less. Students now come to campus with an average of 3 mobile devices, most on the 2.4 GHz channels. Adding access points to an existing system only compounds the interference. Student-supplied routers add to the difficulties of making the Internet available to all. Security concerns are greater than ever before. Stretched to the max, older and endlessly patched wired and wireless Internet access systems create headaches for IT. 

New wireless systems can solve these problems easier and faster, leveraging your existing system while planning for future scalability. There’s less drain on your IT resources with:

Improved Ease of Use

  • Single pane of glass for easier administration and faster changes to the system
  • Automatic load balancing with auto-adjustments for power and channels of the radio frequencies
  • Auto detection of improper access
  • Integrate with directory databases for assigning user roles

Wider Access Across Campus

  • Wireless access to reach locations where wiring is not possible
  • Increased bandwidth
  • Increased reliability
  • Achieve high performance
  • Provide more access where needed for temporary use
  • Control bandwidth for different classes and users

Security Improvements

  • Set user policies by variables such as user, group, time of day, application, location
  • Disable rogue routers 
  • Analytics to evaluate questionable usage
  • Instant emergency communications with students, faculty and staff

If your Internet capabilities are lacking, contact INNOVEX for an evaluation by an experienced wireless engineer. We’ll analyze your current system and recommend one that can leverage your existing equipment, and improve performance and security —
all with a scalable solution that you’ll use for years.

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