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15 Benefits Of WiFi For K-12 Schools

High speed Internet, throughout your primary or secondary school, is a win-win for all involved. Wireless technologies now allow you to have high speed and secure Internet throughout your classrooms, libraries, and remote/temporary buildings. And those new technologies offer substantial benefits to all who work and attend the school.


  • Student reporting: With classroom applications available to track progress, your student reports are easier.
  • Increased security: Monitor the security of your buildings as well as that of your Internet connection.
  • Emergency response: Have the ability to contact all staff in case of emergencies.


  • Easy installation: Locations where wiring is impossible can now be online.
  • Single pane of glass: A dashboard enables easier and quicker changes to the system.
  • Easy management: Non-IT staff can help manage the system; auto adjustment of the power and channel settings of the radio frequencies for easy load balancing.
  • High security: Autodetect and disable unknown access points; utilize a high level of user role definitions including group, applica­tion, location and time of day.
  • Simplified policies: Integrate with directory database for assigning user roles.
  • Connects the past to the future: Tie into existing WLAN systems, then ensure scalability so the investment is future-proof and can rapidly scale as needed


  • Increase interaction: Encourage more collaboration between teachers and students.
  • Additional resources: Access online instruction and online testing, multimedia applications, and be able to use tablets, netbooks and digital whiteboards in the classroom.
  • Administration access: Reach admin staff in real time for questions, reports or emergencies.


  • More collaboration: Enable more students to have Internet access; benefit from more group projects with peers and teachers.
  • Digital resources: Increase the research they can do, reach more students with a wider variety of teaching methods.

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