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4 Common Reasons to Choose Managed Cloud Services

Are you wondering whether managed cloud services make sense for your organization? Here are the four common characteristics of a managed cloud services client.

  1. You lack IT capacity: Managed cloud services clients often lack the necessary IT staff to implement and manage IT infrastructure on their own. Your IT staff may be stretched thin, handling a wide variety of IT issues that arise (e.g., new employee onboarding, IT troubleshooting, programming), and you don’t necessarily have the resources to hire additional IT personnel.
  2. You are familiar with the cloud: Many managed cloud clients have been using the cloud for some element of their IT operations. This may include subscribing to cloud storage services and other cloud-based productivity applications. Hiring someone to manage these services and provide other cloud support is a natural extension.
  3. You desire stability. Probably all organizations would prefer to know their IT costs in advance so they can best plan and operate. But some companies are especially vulnerable to fluctuations in costs, including small businesses that may lack cash flow. Managed cloud services provides you with a level of stability, as costs are predetermined by the chosen plan.
  4. You want flexibility. Managed cloud services clients have carefully considered the flexibility benefits provided by a managed cloud arrangement. You may like that you can add on services as the need arises, or remove services as budgets fluctuate or requirements lessen. All it takes is changing your subscription to the better fit.


Deciding whether to leverage managed cloud services for your organization takes time and research. As part of the research phase, it can be helpful to consider key characteristics of businesses that have already engaged with managed cloud services. If your company fits some of these descriptions, managed cloud services may make sense for you. For more information on managed cloud offerings, speak with your office technology provider.

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