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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Printer

Choosing the best copier for your organization is not as simple as whether you need color or just black and white prints from it. Here are a number of factors to consider.

1. Print Volume

It’s really important to know what your monthly usage is. Your service contract will be based on an allotment, and it’s wise to match that to your actual usage. 

Your volume count will also give an idea of how fast you need this copier to be, so your staff isn’t held up waiting for their prints to come out. This translates into how much work you’ll be able to get done in a day.

2. What Are You Printing

Do you need high quality color outputs for your business, or would you be better served with a lesser machine for printing regular office paperwork? Do you print very little color and need only a black and white machine?

3. Printer Features

Today’s printers have many options that can make your business more efficient. Need networking and/or the ability to print from mobile devices? Will you expect to be doing scanning and faxing from this machine? What about duplexing? Do you need a finisher added, to collate, fold and staple for you?

Have you thought about incorporating document management solutions into your workflow? Your printer will need to be able to support you in this.

4. Service Options

For a device this important to your office, you will probably want a service contract on it. It’s important to completely understand the contract — check what the company has to offer. Find out whether remote monitoring and on-site service are included. Does the contract include your toner and other consumables?

Ask also about the service department — are they based locally so you can get service quickly? Do they have a large enough staff? Has the company been around long enough that you know they’ll be there in the future?

And is the service contract cost included in the lease, or is it a separate monthly charge? 

5. And, of Course, Budget

There’s a lot to consider here. Do you have the funds to purchase your printer outright or should you break out the payments via a lease? Do you have a lease on your current machine that you’d be interested in having bought out so you can upgrade to a new printer?

Would you like to potentially save money by buying a refurbished machine? The wisdom of that decision depends on the volume you print. 

As you consider your budget, think also about how long you will need this machine. 

Got Questions?

With all there is to consider regarding a printer purchase, it’s a good idea to reach out to a copier consultant who can understand your business requirements and recommend the best options for you. Contact us today — we’re happy to advise you.


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