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7 Questions to Get You Thinking about Print Management

It makes no difference how big your company is or what industry you’re in, all businesses desire to save money. One area of your business that provides a golden opportunity to achieve this goal, along with addressing information security and environmental concerns, is your print environment.

The relationship between document imaging technologies and users is symbiotic: You can’t have one without the other. However, when organizations restructure their print environment, many of them place all the emphasis on the hardware and don’t address the human factor.

Evaluating your employees’ printing behavior is equally as important as the careful study of your devices. Who’s printing? What are they printing? Did you know that, according to InfoTrends research, 82% of people say they still print files even if the business process doesn’t require it? That alone translates to a lot of pages that are having a negative impact on your bottom line.

Another consideration is the need to understand exactly what are your printer costs. Lease, supplies and office space costs count, too.

Print management software offers features and tools to help you lower costs. Here are seven questions you should ask yourself to help you determine if you’re a candidate for this type of solution:

  • Are all of our employees allowed to print in color?
  • Is double-sided output enforced by the IT department?
  • Are there any limits or restrictions on how much or what types of files people can print?
  • How does my organization promote document security and eco friendliness?
  • Can employees print to any device in the office, regardless of cost?
  • How much storage and consumables costs could I save if I didn’t have to keep supplies on hand?
  • Can I automate my meter readings to save on employee time?


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