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Benefits of Digital Dictation for the Healthcare Industry

Voice recorders are not a new tool. Medical professionals have been using these simple machines for years to quickly record notes and document patient records. However, if you are still using an old-fashioned tape recorder, you may be doing yourself and your practice a disservice. 

Digital dictation is the ultimate solution for greater efficiency in the workplace, and Philips Dictation Solutions are the most sophisticated and technologically elegant of their kind. By bringing these digital recorders into your healthcare practices, you can more effectively manage your time and your workload. 

Improved Accuracy for Claims

The government and other insurers are well-known for being sticklers about accuracy. Clear digital recordings are always accurate — and saved electronically, they are readily available when you need them.

Faster Processing

It is no surprise that recording notes verbally is faster than writing. But Philips’ digital recorders offer another benefit. With these devices, the process of transmitting notes from the physical recorder to the transcriptionist is significantly accelerated. 

Rather than manually delivering the tape to a transcriptionist, a Philips digital recorder allows you to immediately download and send a voice recording upon completion. This means that the transcriptionist can begin his/her work faster and you spend less time delivering files. 

Easier Communication

Often, the notes recorded must be shared among several colleagues. For example, physicians, nurses, and office staff will all require access to a patient’s medical records. Using Philips’ digital dictation solutions makes sharing this data easy.

The SpeechExec software integrates seamlessly with your practice’s clinical software, allowing you to: 

  • Organize, oversee, and distribute the transcription workload among staff
  • Monitor the status of recordings as pending, in progress, or complete
  • Assign priorities to urgent recordings that must transcribed immediately
  • Securely share recordings between author(s) and transcriptionist(s). 

Easier Access

Using digital dictation further improves your efficiency by offering easier accessibility. In addition to Philips’ SpeechExec Software, you can also employ the functionalities of SpeechLive and Philips’ recorder app:

SpeechLive: This cloud-based dictation workflow service allows you to access your files anytime and anywhere, through an Internet browser. There is no need to sacrifice security for accessibility; all files are automatically doubly encrypted during both the recording and transmission processes. Files are also securely backed-up in the cloud to safeguard against accidental deletions.

Furthermore, SpeechLive’s flexible subscription service gives you the control to add or remove authorized users as needed. 

The recorder app: As a supplement to SpeechExec, Philips offers a recorder app for use on the iPhone, Blackberry, or Android. With this application, you can easily continue your work on the go. Simply use the app to record notes on your smartphone and then send them to your server via the securely encrypted SpeechLive. 

With the Philips’ recorder app, you also have the ability to attach a photo to any voice recordings.

Enhanced Security

In the healthcare industry, robust security is a necessity. Most likely, your voice recordings contain sensitive information that must retain its confidentiality. With Philips digital dictation solutions, you can have the confidence that the integrity of your files (and of your business) will be secured. 

Digital recordings can be encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key length of 256 bits. As an additional precaution, Philips’ digital devices may be assigned a PIN code to ensure only authorized users obtain access to critical recordings. 

Ability to Edit

A chiefly unique feature of Philips dictation solutions is the ability to re-open and edit your files. Even after transcription is complete, all original voice recordings are stored for future reference. Consequently, you are able to open older files, pinpoint any specific moment in the recording, and modify and/or add to it as desired. 

Greater Efficiency for Office Staff 

In a healthcare practice, the office staff are already encumbered with a seemingly ceaseless list of duties. With digital dictation solutions, they can more easily and more quickly manage their transcription workload. This presents a twofold benefit: 

For one, the accelerated transcription process is a more efficient use of the office staff’s valuable time, thus, freeing them up to work on other projects. Secondly, because transcriptionists will be able to complete their work more quickly, fewer overtime costs will be incurred and no temporary employees will be needed.

Improved Sound Quality

Digital recorders are an efficient, convenient means of documenting information. However, their success is only as great as their sound quality. With Philips digital recording devices, clarity is one of the strong points. These expertly-designed microphones block the intrusion of any background or environmental noises, capturing only the information you need to record. 

Moreover, because the sound quality will not deteriorate over time, you can continuously access your files without compromise.

The healthcare industry has used voice recorders in its daily practices for years. However, there have never been digital recorders so advanced. Philips digital dictation solutions drastically improve efficiency in the workplace by helping you communicate faster and manage time more effectively. 

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