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Business Planning Guide: Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless is a necessary part of every business’s IT infrastructure. It supports the mobile tools that your staff relies on, and helps meet the demand for increased operational efficiency. Mobile tools are rapidly evolving, and the requirement that corporate wireless infrastructure keep pace is a challenge for every business.

Setting up a wireless network is easy; the difficulty comes in creating a network with high-density coverage that is both user-friendly and secure.

Proper planning is crucial for success:

Know Your Purpose

Considering your current needs, think about:

  • Will wireless be your employees’ primary means for network access?
  • How many users do you have, and where do you need the most coverage?
  • What will your wireless network be used for — video, audio, graphics, collaboration, or simply Internet access?
  • Does your company have a BYOD policy, and do you restrict the type of mobile devices that can be used?
  • Is your underlying wired network infrastructure healthy enough to support a robust wireless solution?
  • Do you have an office blueprint that shows your building’s layout and construction?


Now think a few years ahead:

  • How long do you want this network to last?
  • Will you need it to be scalable?
  • How fast is your company growing?
  • Is there uncertainty in the types of business tools that your staff will be using in the coming years?


Your business data always needs protection:

  • Is your business governed by any laws, regulations or standards?
  • Will you need to grant secure Internet access to guests, contractors or other non-employees?
  • Do you need to track employee and/or non-employee use?


Once your system is up, you’ll need to think of who’s in charge:

  • How will you set up and maintain network access controls?
  • Who will be checking the performance regularly?
  • Who will be monitoring rogue access points or other interference?

An IT firm with experience and the tools to assess your needs and your environment can help you develop a wireless plan that fits your business requirements. INNOVEX engineers have experience in installing all sizes of wireless networks and are ready to design and implement yours.

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