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Free Up Your IT Resources with Managed Print Services

Is your IT team constantly dealing with problems related to print? Studies have shown that IT spends 15% of its time on print-related issues. This could be costing your company in ways you don’t even realize. You can free up your IT resources by leveraging managed print services.

Why Your IT Team Should Not Be Fielding Helpdesk Calls on Printing Issues

Despite the fact that as many as 50% of IT helpdesk calls are print-related issues, IT teams aren’t trained to handle them. Print is not their specialty.

Do you know how much helpdesk calls cost? Only a third of businesses track expenses related to IT support. The average cost of a helpdesk call is $20 to $25. A cost savings of 7 to 14% can be achieved when your IT team isn’t actively involved with print.

Every time IT has to answer calls related to print, it distracts them from projects that require their know-how and expertise. Wouldn’t you rather free up your IT department to focus on high level projects than to leave print- related issues in their overqualified hands?

How Managed Print Services Can Help

Here are several ways in which managed print services can make a difference:

Fewer calls. Remote monitoring will reduce IT helpdesk calls, freeing up more of your IT department’s valuable time.

Dedicated service rep. An experienced technician is factory-trained on the devices you are using, which means better support and less oversight required of IT.

Proactive monitoring. Optimized device uptime means fewer problems and improved reliability.

Maintenance. Preventative maintenance can increase the life expectancy of print devices, which can reduce unnecessary costs.

How much time is your IT team spending on print issues? Could their bandwidth be better allocated to higher level activity? For specific questions on how managed print services can free up your IT resources, contact INNOVEX.

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