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Healthcare Document Management

Healthcare is a paper-intensive business, with so many records required for each patient visit. Patient forms, historical records, insurance cards, co-payment receipts, physician notes, lab results, EOBs, secondary billing, and HIPAA and HIT compliance documents are copied or recorded, resulting in a huge stack of documents that need sorting and filing. In addition, x-rays, photos and physician’s dictation files must all relate to the patient and be available for retrieval as needed.

It’s no wonder that the administrative costs of healthcare are so high and that physical storage space for 7 years of records is becoming such an issue.

Document management solutions can be of great assistance in reducing time and costs of administration, while enhancing the required security needed to protect sensitive data. They can be used to create comprehensive patient records that tag and store all of a patient’s records (including photos and audio files) in one place. Integrated into your existing Active Directory, network administration is simplified. And they can be implemented quickly, with a fast return on investment.

Grouped into three categories, these can be implemented individually, but will often overlap into one scalable solution that fits your needs best. The benefits are many:

Print Output Management

For more functionality than is available on your multifunction printers, as well as the ability to manage them all at once, print output management solutions can also provide:

  • Secure printing: follow-me printing and authentication before print release are two methods that ensure your files are only in the right hands
  • Auditing and archiving tools: identify who printed what and when to ensure printing policies are followed, and saves a snapshot of what was printed (or faxed), helping you satisfy HIPAA and HIT regulatory compliance requirements
  • Usage reporting: gain the ability to manage your print costs better

Digital File Management

Store, manage and track your electronic files – document scans, PDFfs, videos, audio files and photos. Options include the ability to set up workflows that mimic the physical ones you have now, saving significantly on your administration’s time. 

  • Searchable fields: OCR documents can be searched or zoned for specific data
  • Consistent record keeping: set up and enforce policies so all files can be tagged in a standardized manner for easy filing and retrieval
  • Version control: the original document and all subsequent versions are saved
  • Audit logging: track document creation and have all edited or redacted versions archived along with records indicating editor’s names and access dates 
  • Security: control who can see your data, how long they can view it, and what can be done with it
  • Embedded device support: when the software is installed on your printers, your end users have more flexibility on scanning documents into the right locations
  • Automated workflows: replicate your physical workflows to add data directly into your existing clinical back office systems

Scanning Solutions

Scanning software is the bridge on the network between an operating system or database and applications. These programs often integrate with data management systems and provide the ability for document conversion, zonal OCR, quick folder navigation, or scan to email management. This software also offers:

  • Network hot folder: scan to this location and have the designated profile rules automatically applied
  • Custom form entry: create a fillable form on the printer for indexing purposes
  • Embedded device support: installed on your printer directly, it allows users to browse selected folders on a server
  • Rules-based routing: scanned data can route the document to the appropriate person, department or folder
  • Protection of in-transit data: scanned information can be encrypted at the multifunction printer before it is sent through your network 

Online Faxing

As businesses move away from analog phone services to digital ones, older landline-based fax systems will no longer function. You can use cloud-based technology to send, receive, organize, manage and store faxes for your entire enterprise. Benefits include:

  • Increased security: without the need to print every fax, confidentiality is protected, compliance is assured 
  • Direct routing: Routed directly to the recipient, faxes are more secure, and are received more quickly
  • Advanced encryption: avoid regulatory compliance issues with high levels of encryption on the cloud servers
  • Availability on networked devices: send and receive from laptops/desktops, mobile devices, multifunction printers, etc.
  • Application compatibility: use from within any desktop application, email application, web browser
  • Fax routing options: benefit from the flexibility to send them to your email, mobile devices, networked printers, server folders, and web browsers
  • Flexible archiving: store all of your faxes, sent and received, into customizable files and folders, and integrate with your content repository
  • Receive all faxes: with busy signals eliminated, you’ll never miss a sent fax
  • Integrate your MFP into a digital network: stop paying for an analog line or converter box

Additional Comprehensive Assistance from INNOVEX

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