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Improve Your Office Technology and Service for Greater Efficiency

Your copiers and printers can be a boon to your office efficiency, or a hindrance.

Frequently purchased ad hoc, it is difficult to understand the total, true costs of printing without a professional assessment. A thorough evaluation often shows a collection of desktop inkjet or laser printers, standalone copiers, fax machines, multifunction printers and other devices. 

A first step for many offices is the replacement of this varied accumulation with a smaller number of managed, multifunction devices. 

Multifunction Printer Advantages

Fewer devices needed — A multifunction printer can take the place of a number of other devices. 

Lowest cost per print — MFPs are the most economical device to use in terms of print costs, by a significant margin. 

Save space — MFPs usually take much less space than the devices they are replacing.

Save energy — Newer standby features and quick warmup times cut down on energy use. And fewer devices equals less energy use, too.

Eliminate wasted prints — Follow-me printing requires that the user authenticate at the printer, reducing the number of copies that are printed and never used.

Higher security — User authentication by use of a card or a PIN ensures that the documents are not printed until they are released by the staffer who requested them.

Default settings — Defaulting to double-sided printing saves paper, while defaulting to monochrome printing saves toner.

Improved allocation — On a network, it’s possible to set budget limits per user or department, or to export usage reports for evaluation and charge-backs.

Improve business processes — An MFP can perform many functions that can save on printing. Document management systems can eliminate paper processes wherever possible.

Managed Print Services Advantages

Remote monitoring — Maximum uptime is assured with proactive maintenance.

Automated meter reads — Administration no longer has to provide monthly meter readings.

Automatic ordering of consumables — When toner is low in your machine, new supplies are automatically sent to you, saving administration time, storage space, and potential device downtime.

On-site service charges included — When your managed print services agreement includes on-site calls as well as remote monitoring, your budget is more predictable.

Simplified billing — Consolidated onto one invoice, far less processing is required of the accounts payable department.

Less IT involvement — The print fleet is administered by your managed services provider, freeing your IT to focus on other priorities.

Recycling programs — Toner recycling programs add to your other efforts of environmental sustainability.

Looking to Assess Your Copier Efficiency?

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