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INNOVEX Virtualization Planning Guide

The INNOVEX virtualization process is based on providing the best solution for your specific IT infrastructure environment and business needs.


The first step is to perform a thorough assessment of your current IT state and your business strategies and goals.

  • Provide a questionnaire for you to fill out on IT specifics
  • Evaluate hardware, software and network environments
  • Catalog your servers, operating systems and apps
  • Collect current and desired performance metrics
  • Understand your current virtualization strategies and activities
  • Be apprised of any business regulations, business strategies or objectives that would impact virtualization

Plan Presentation

Utilizing the assessment and other data collected, the meeting will present:

  • Consolidation scenarios as optional choices
  • Risk mitigation plans
  • Devices that are excluded from the plan
  • A benefit analysis regarding user experience, productivity gains, and ROI

Statement of Work

  • Once all parties agree to the virtualization plan, a statement of work will be drawn up by INNOVEX and signed by both your company and INNOVEX
  • Work is then scheduled

Kickoff Meeting

To ensure that we understand your expectations, a kickoff meeting will:

  • Establish roles and responsibilities
  • Assess and agree on the scope of the project
  • Review the assessment and identify any missing elements
  • Finalize expectations
  • Plan work schedules and logistics

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