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Interactive Whiteboard Benefits in Higher Education

College courses are enhanced with technology that promotes collaboration. Replacing the traditional whiteboard that was developed in the 1950s with an improved, interactive version helps instructors improve the retention of their presentations and lessons. In addition, it more fully engages the students, reaches more viewers, and is an efficient tool for sharing of resulting classroom annotations.

How IT Works

The interactive whiteboard is a touchscreen LCD display that is connected to a computer or other device, such as Apple TV or projectors by Elmo and Hovercam. The computer is loaded with pen software that enables many features of a “whiteboard,” as well as software that allows students to remotely view and control the whiteboard with their mobile devices. 

Any type of content that’s on the computer can then be marked up or manipulated on the whiteboard — drawn or typed on, resized or rotated, and scrolled through by use of a touchscreen pen or just the hands. This eliminates the need for a mouse, wireless clicker, or laser pointer.

Our whiteboards come in sizes from 40” to 80”, with the option of connecting larger whiteboards into one wider visual area. 

Institutions find these benefits with interactive whiteboards:

Ease of Use

  • The touchscreen technologies used in interactive whiteboards were designed to mimic the software used on mobile devices, minimizing the learning curve.
  • Use nearly any Windows or Mac software and web application 
  • Incorporate all types of multimedia, pulled live from the Internet, or from the computer or other repositories.
  • Write or draw directly over the presentation — highlight or take notes, enlarge, reduce and rotate areas, and scroll through pages.
  • From a multifunction printer, you can import scanned documents directly to the whiteboard, and send docs from the whiteboard directly to the printer.
  • Your annotated presentations can be emailed quickly to students after the class, with no need for transcribing.
  • Large screen sizes ensure everyone can see the presentation.
  • Integrates with leading learning management systems such as Blackboard, Promethean ActivInspire and ClassFlow, Google Classroom, Splashtop Classroom and more.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

  • Connected via a video conferencing provider, distance-learning students can view the whiteboard screen with its annotations.
  • iOS and Android users can present, view and also edit the presentations, by use of screen sharing.
  • Multiple participants can use the board simultaneously, for group problem-solving, among other activities.
  • All edits are shown in real time.
  • Preloaded templates for calendars, action plans, graph paper and to-do lists can be called up at any time.
  • The annotated lessons can be saved for repeat use.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Off-campus students have to travel less to participate in classes.
  • The LED screens of interactive whiteboards use low power consumption.
  • Emailing the final lesson notes rather than printing saves paper, print costs, and mailing expenses.

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