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Interactive Whiteboards for K-12 Increased Class Participation

Technology has the power to engage children in learning like never before. Already they are exposed to computers, tablets and smartphones at home, and the school environment has to compete with this new way of experiencing their world. 

Interactive digital whiteboards give teachers the ability to mirror (and even improve) the ways children learn, more fully engaging the students. It facilitates multisensory learning, which also helps special needs students to focus. Studies show that this results in student-to-student collaboration and increased lesson participation.

How It Works

The interactive whiteboard is a touchscreen LCD display that is connected to a computer or other device, such as Apple TV or projectors by Elmo and Hovercam. The computer is loaded with pen software that enables many features of a “whiteboard,” as well as software that allows students to remotely view and control the whiteboard with their mobile devices. 

Any type of content that’s on the computer can then be marked up or manipulated on the whiteboard — drawn or typed on, resized or rotated, and scrolled through by use of a touchscreen pen or just the hands. This eliminates the need for a mouse, wireless clicker, or laser pointer.

Our whiteboards come in sizes from 40” to 80”, with the option of connecting larger whiteboards into one wider visual area. 

Schools find these benefits with interactive whiteboards:

Easy to Use

  • The software that operates the whiteboard is similar to what teachers and students are already using on their other smart devices, for a short learning curve.
  • Use nearly any Windows or Mac software and web application, connect to iOS and Android devices as well.
  • Write, type or draw directly on the screen — highlight or take notes, enlarge, reduce and rotate areas, and scroll through pages, launch websites.
  • Large screen sizes ensure the entire class can see the presentation.
  • From a multifunction printer, you can import scanned documents directly to the whiteboard, and send docs from the whiteboard directly to the printer.
  • Integrates with leading learning management systems such as Blackboard, Promethean ActivInspire and ClassFlow, Google Classroom, Splashtop Classroom and more.

Enhanced Learning

  • Appeal to all types of learners — visual, auditory and tactile.
  • Connect remote students and have them share in the instructional process.
  • Create more interesting teaching materials by tapping into the Internet for online databases, videos, audio, games and news.
  • Promote group work and collaborative problem-solving, and be able to provide immediate feedback.
  • Classrooms with one computer can share information more easily.
  • All work can be saved, emailed or printed as needed.

A Sampling of Teaching Applications

  • Create videos
  • Conduct virtual field trips
  • Attach a microscope or still/video camera to aid in instruction
  • Teach technology or software concepts such as how to use the Internet
  • Learning games with on-screen participation by the students
  • Record lessons for substitute teachers
  • Highlight student work/achievements

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