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Managed IT Infrastructure Services Options

Your organization may be interested in the idea of managed IT. Do you know which components of your IT infrastructure to outsource? Below is an overview of some of the more common managed services for IT infrastructure.

Help Desk and IT Support

A help desk staffed with engineers or other skilled technical personnel can assist your staff either 24/7 or during an agreed upon schedule. This may provide significant advantages over in-house help desks, as overnight, weekend, and holiday coverage is typically an option. Managed help desk/IT support can also include on-site support staff for troubleshooting and repair purposes.

Secure Backup, Offsite Storage

Off-site storage, often cloud-based, improves your company’s in-house database and file storage capabilities, providing extra space when needed and/or a secure backup of critical applications, files and records. It can also be included in a disaster recovery plan for greater data security. As the amount of digital data handled by companies grows, the need for off-site storage increases as well. InfoTrends research shows that about half of SMBs currently use secure, cloud-based services to store information.

Cloud Services

Managed IT infrastructure providers also tend to offer cloud services to customers. Smaller companies benefit from cloud storage solutions, while larger companies may be interested in additional offerings, such as running applications and APIs. For example, access to cloud-based tools like SharePoint Online can eliminate the need for on-site application infrastructure. Cloud services for tasks like document management are also growing in demand as customers look to manage their data while minimizing cost and effort.

Managed IT Security Services

Security is a top priority of businesses, particularly given regulations that impose strict standards for information handling. Managed IT security services can provide organizations with the assurance their data and documents are being adequately protected. Services include network security, email protection, endpoint protection, and vulnerability management, in addition to the secure backup services mentioned above.

Mobile Management

Increasingly, companies are seeking a solution for managing the growing number of mobile devices within their organization. Mobile management provides control of hardware, including the locking, tracking, and wiping of stolen or lost laptops, phones, tablets and other mobile devices. 

Fixed Maintenance Costs

Managed IT infrastructure contracts may provide maintenance on equipment that is already on site. With these contracts, maintenance costs are fixed and can be incorporated into operating and budgeting plans with greater confidence.

3 Takeaways

  • Managed IT infrastructure services span many areas of IT, giving organizations a wide array of options.
  • Common managed IT services include those tied to storage, conferencing, security, applications, mobile management, and IT troubleshooting.
  • These services align with larger technology trends around mobility, security, and business process optimization.

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