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Optimize Your Fleet with a Professional Print Assessment

Are you measuring the cost of your office printing? A print fleet – especially one that hasn’t been optimized and tailored to your company needs – can be surprisingly expensive. In many corporate settings, these costs have simply remained unacknowledged and unrecognized.

With centralized control and consolidated decision-making, it is possible to improve what many businesses have had difficulty accomplishing in the past – getting their print costs under their influence. Enterprises can improve cash flow, boost productivity, and even become greener by understanding and fine-tuning their print fleets.

The Surprising Costs of Printing

If you’re one of the 90% of businesses that doesn’t track what is spent on printing, the cost will surprise you.

It’s not just the obvious hardware-supplies-maintenance calculation that should be accounted for — all impacts on the company should be considered. IT infrastructure and support, administration, purchasing and facilities management, document management and document production all add to the cost, which totals 52 to 70 cents per page on average.

There are many reasons a company’s print total cost of ownership (TCO) is difficult to measure. Here are a few of the key reasons:

  • Most companies don’t use a network reporting tool to manage devices, making it difficult to know exactly what they have.
  • Less than a third of companies track IT helpdesk and support costs for printing.
  • Consideration for office space is often forgotten (older machines usually have a larger footprint).
  • Power usage can be a challenge to calculate.

Printing has been important to businesses for a long time, and newer technologies of mobile device printing and digital document workflows greatly increase an organization’s productivity. But many companies still rely on outdated equipment and processes. Understanding what you should keep and what should be changed in all areas of your printing fleet can lead to major discoveries that will save your company money.

The good news is that many companies can lower their printing costs by 30% (as well as improve productivity and efficiency). That’s a big savings to the bottom line and it opens up new opportunities for your business.

Benefits of Print Assessment Services

Print assessment services can pinpoint any inefficiencies in your printing processes. It’s then possible to figure out if your company is being as efficient as possible. You may not even realize that bottlenecks exist or that there are unnecessary costs that are cutting into your profitability.

Another benefit of print assessment services is that the assessment is based on analysis of your specific business. Customized to your organization, the evaluation is uniquely geared your company’s unique situation, including equipment locations and document workflows, and provides organization-specific recommendations.

Print assessment services also help your company to become greener. Many businesses want to be greener, but it can be difficult to know where the waste is in the print fleet, or how to recycle effectively. A print assessment will find areas to improve so your company can reduce its carbon footprint.

What's In the Print Assessment?

Do you need help analyzing how to reduce print costs? It’s difficult to do on your own without experts in printing technologies.

At no cost to you, we can help you understand your current actual print costs, and how to be more efficient going forward. This analysis also serves as a baseline for measuring your future savings.

We can give you an accurate cost of your printing, along with recommendations on how to get more efficient with your print fleet.

Included in the assessment:

  • A complete inventory of devices.
  • Examination of your invoices/ contracts/financial records.
  • Calculation of your total print volumes and color mix.
  • Determination of IT support costs, both staff time and infrastructure.
  • A review of storage needs for print and consumables.
  • Consideration for your short and long term business goals.
  • If needed, device locations mapped for optimal use and interviewing of employees to understand usage.

Included in the recommendations:

  • An optimized print environment.
  • Print control options for cost containment and allocation requirements.
  • Document workflow plans to increase organizational efficiency.
  • Waste reduction opportunities.
  • Best practices for environmental sustainability, including energy savings and recycling.
  • Cost savings analysis.

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