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INNOVEX offers cloud infrastructure and services that suit small- and medium-sized business needs particularly well. 

Our Cloud

Our clients can purchase exactly what they need today, with the ability to scale up or down tomorrow. Unlike rigid programs from other vendors, we can supply exactly the number of virtual machines, CPU, RAM, bandwidth and VPN, etc. that you require.

Our private cloud solution can serve your entire IT infrastructure needs, or we can tie it to your existing local servers to provide you with a hybrid cloud – and you’ll have the benefits of both.

Security is managed at a higher level than most small businesses can afford, with better firewalls and multiple levels of physical security at our site. 

Your company can get out of the IT business, and back to what you do best.

Our Services

Without a sophisticated and broad IT department, most companies can’t manage the cloud services offered by the big providers. We’ll advise you on the best options for your needs, set you up on the cloud, connect any existing servers if desired, and be responsible for monitoring and servicing the system so you stay running.

Our IT Managed Services group has expertise in operating systems, middleware, applications, and can optionally assist with the software you use for your business. We also have plenty of helpdesk experience and can guide your users as needed. These services, custom to your business, are not available from the large vendors.


Unlike many other providers, we own our cloud equipment. And because we control it, we can offer a more rapid response to requests from you.


As the IT Managed Services division of the company, we benefit from the financial stability and longevity of INNOVEX. A local, 50-year-old business technology company, we’ve helped thousands of organizations in Rhode Island and the Boston metro area with both equipment and service. 

Look to INNOVEX to assist you with your move to the cloud.

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