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Top Business Priorities - Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends asks U.S. businesses annually about their top priorities for the next few years. The most recent survey revealed that the top business priority is “improving document security,” followed by “staying in business, being profitable.” Managed services for data backup and disaster recovery align with these objectives in the following ways.

Business Priorities 3 Years

What is managed data backup and disaster recovery?

Managed data backup and disaster recovery is the outsourcing of data backup and disaster recovery services. Involving a comprehensive and evolving plan, it ensures that is continuously backed up as well as maintained during the event of a disaster. As part of this, the managed services vendor may offer to provide other services tied to data protection and disaster recovery.

How does managed data backup and disaster recovery relate to document security improvement?

Every company should be backing up its data to ensure that it is not lost in the event of a disaster or other incident. Managed services providers use their expertise to guarantee that the data is copied and stored in the most secure way possible. In addition to ensuring that business information is always available to the company, the data is unlikely to get into the wrong hands. Not only can data breaches cause competitive harm to an organization, but in some instances they can harm customers, result in substantial fines, and even jeopardize national security.

How does managed data backup and disaster recovery tie into staying in business, being profitable?

A quality managed services provider will help your company minimize the possibility of data loss and downed operations; should an interruption occur, the provider will help you restore operations as quickly and effectively as possible. Enabling business continuity can only help guarantee that employees, customers, clients, and suppliers remain confident in the business. It will limit the chance of the company going out of business and/or losing money.


U.S. companies say their biggest priorities over the next three years are improving document security and staying in business and being profitable. Using a managed services provider for data backup and disaster recovery is one way organizations can attain these goals. The provider can use its expertise to ensure data is adequately protected, and that operations are maintained in the event of a disaster—reducing the chance of financial damage or even business closure.


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