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Why Should Small Businesses in Rhode Island Use VoIP Phone Systems?

Generally speaking, landline phone technology hasn’t changed much since it was invented in the 1800s. Signals travel through a series of physical switchboxes that connect calls between two phones. While landlines are still very reliable, they can be difficult to maintain and requires a specialist to manage any major issues.

Nearly a century and a half later, small businesses in Rhode Island and Southeastern New England have a better way to set up their business phone service: VoIP Phone Systems. INNOVEX is introducing a Managed VoIP service to help small businesses manage reliable phone systems, more closely track their phone usage, reduce their monthly fees, become more scalable, and increase the flexibility of their operations.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP, “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” flips the script on how small businesses manage their phone service. Instead of the traditional (i.e. copper lines) infrastructure for phone service, VoIP phone systems run through the internet.

VoIP phone systems typically requires software to have an employee’s computer make and receive phone calls. But often VoIP can use “softphones” which give a more traditional experience for employees to avoid any transition problems.

VoIP Phone Systems Cut Costs to Small Businesses in Rhode Island

Because of the increased capabilities of a VoIP phone system, it might seem like they’d be prohibitively expensive. However, VoIP systems are typically much more affordable than a traditional phone system.

There’s little initial hardware needed to get started. The “wires” needed would be just your internet service wiring, and your other hardware costs would be much lower than with a set of non-integrated systems. Enhanced reporting and complex integrations may cost more than the base package, but they streamline a small business’s operations so much that they’ll pay for themselves over even as short as a year! Finally, you can cut your business’s cord completely if you set up reliable backups like a cell phone.

Small Businesses Get More Out of Their Phone Systems with VoIP

Small businesses have a lot of moving parts when it comes to phone communications. Calls, texts, faxes, are all coming in, having to be routed to the right person, and then acted on. In a traditional phone system, each of these services are handled separately, leaving points of failure for your business’s operations at every link in the chain.

With a VoIP Phone System, small businesses in Rhode Island can merge all their communications into one platform, allowing for a simplified delivery that makes sure that the right person gets the right communication at the right time. VoIP phone systems can also include products that extend your communications efforts, like videoconferencing, which make sure that you talk to your customers and business partners in the most effective way.

VoIP Phone Systems Provide Robust Data

While your traditional phone bill gives you some statistics as to your phone usage, VoIP provides the opportunity for a small business to track much more in-depth data. Because VoIP runs over the internet, real-time tracking dashboards are very common, allowing you to track who’s called your business, who they talked to, and get a recording and transcription of that call to provide the “quality assurance” that callers are promised.

In addition, the multi-function integration of VoIP phone systems allows for integrations with your customer relations software. For example, a VoIP phone system can automatically assign call recipients based on who’s calling, making sure your customers are always reconnected with their personal support specialist.

Scale Your Small Business with VoIP Phone Systems

These lower costs extend to when you need to add users. Typically, a business will simply pay for another user and get that user set up, as opposed to needing to figure out what phone jack leads to what extension. In addition, buying more phone numbers, either for inbound attribution tracking or for outbound phone banking, is as easy as getting in touch with support, as opposed to a complicated provisioning process that may take weeks. This is an example why working with a local company is important for speedy support.

Meet the Needs of a Modern Workforce Using VoIP Phone Systems

Finally, VoIP phone systems let small businesses meet the remote working needs of a modern workforce. Whether due to disruptions like natural disasters, pandemics, or just renovating the office, most small businesses will need to vacate their office for some time period. With a traditional phone system, this can be weeks of communication just to get a simple forward set up. But small businesses can use VoIP phone systems to quickly set up forwarding, take your entire phone system with you, and develop processes that can ride out any change. Voicemails can be sent to your email inbox as well, making it easy to respond to your callers anywhere, anytime.

And as the modern workforce changes away from needing a central clock-in, clock-out structure for all workers to enter, a VoIP phone system will allow small businesses to make the decisions that are best for them without worrying about large infrastructure overheads from a traditional phone system.

Try INNOVEX’s Managed Voice Phone Systems Today!

The benefits of switching your small business to a VoIP phone system are clear: more functionality, better data, lower costs, more scalability, and more modern infrastructures. Working with a local business gives you the customer care you need, opposed to being just another account # waiting in a long queue for support. Find out today how INNOVEX Voice will help bring your small business’s communications into the modern business world.