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Fully Utilize Your IT Hardware: Benefits of Virtualization

Software-based representations of physical servers, storage, networks, desktops or applications, virtual environments allow you to use your IT resources more efficiently, and can consolidate your IT infrastructure.

Better Business Efficiency

  • Increased availability of applications and hardware anywhere, on computers and mobile devices
  • Respond more easily to changes in market demands
  • Better business continuity with a simplified data recovery system
  • Future-proof your infrastructure with cloud utilization

Reduce Costs (CapEx and OpEx)

  • Reduce physical infrastructure (CapEx)
  • Save also on real estate, power and cooling (OpEx)
  • Eliminate the need for your IT staff to manage a large number of machines (OpEx)

Operational Advantages

  • Fully utilize your IT hardware resources
  • Improved security as the virtual machines are isolated
  • Management of fewer servers
  • Move and copy virtual machines easily
  • More easily manage desktops and applications
  • Greater flexibility with faster server provisioning, dynamic load balancing, and improved application and desktop deployment

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