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The Importance of a Document Management Solution

While we may be in the digital era, there are certain companies, and practices where hardcopy documents still make sense. Whether your organization is completely one way or another, or has mixed-media practices, it is critical to have a comprehensive document management solution to ensure that nothing gets lost in the transition.

Digital & Paper Management

While there may be a decline in printing, now and potentially even more so in the next two years, currently about 50% of business materials are still being printed on paper. The main concern with businesses who are both digital and hardcopy based is keeping track of what materials exist in which form, keeping processes both efficient and protected. Document management works to help companies deal with these concerns so that they can focus on other business priorities.

Finding a Solution

Not all document management solutions are created equal; they don’t all account for both electronic and paper assets. Many document management solutions assume that as society moves closer to an entirely digital based having the ability to support paper solutions is less important which is untrue; managing print has plenty of valuable applications such as managing document security and organization.

The Role of Metadata

A major component to document management software is the use of metadata, which helps content to be classified for organization and search. While usually indiscernible to users, metadata can provide additional information about whatever file it is attached to. Some of the information behind metadata is generated by users, and some is automatically produced. It can be a helpful resource to track collaborative work and changes as well.

Additional Applications

One other aspect to consider is the use of additional applications with capture and route capabilities to extract information from hardcopy documents. Unlike digital documents such as emails or spreadsheets, hardcopy documents can prove to be difficult even with a high-quality scan. These applications have a more advanced ability to pull data and information from these documents, allowing them to be imported into metadata, specific folders, and more.

Paper-Based Document Management

When it comes to hardcopy, paper document management, the primary concern is keeping the documents themselves secure. A common solution for this is locked filing cabinets and printers which require individualized access codes or card scans. This allows only certain people to access classified information. The organizational element of document management is more manual with paper hardcopy, but once set up should be easy to maintain.


No matter whether your organization is completely digital, completely print-oriented, or a mix of both, there is a document management solution right for you. Save time, money, and avoid stress by making sure that your business is set up for success. Ensuring the security of your organization's information is imperative for every industry, and setting up a formal document management approach makes this an easy an achievable feat.

Manage Your Documents, and Gain Productivity

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