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Using a Managed Cloud Provider for Data Backup

When it comes to making sure that your organization’s protected, it’s important not to overlook the digital component of that. More than encryption, it’s critical to know that all your documents, files, information, and data are backed up off-site in case something were to happen to your physical location. The solution to this is having a managed cloud-based data backup plan with your technology company. 

Why A Managed Solution

While many companies may back up their assets themselves, the backup may not be consistent. With so many other elements of a business to tend to, it’s understandable, however, creates a potential for a gap in information and records, should something happen and the cloud solution is all that’s left.

More than just ensuring that you don’t lose your most recent information, a managed cloud provider can assist in overlooking your data in other ways. Your provider should be checking to make sure that your files are not corrupted, but instead copied correctly. They should also keep an eye out for duplicate files, so that your cloud remains streamlined, and organized for peak efficiency should the cloud be needed.

Having a managed cloud provider takes the responsibility out-of-house, to a team whose sole responsibility is to cover all your various assets. Even if you have an internal IT team, having a managed cloud provider can be the complementary support that makes a notable difference.

Small Business Investment

Having a managed cloud services provider is ideal for small businesses who may not be able to afford to have an internal IT team at their beck and call. As far as IT needs go, having a managed cloud provider can prove to be the smartest investment, particularly if a loss of all data and information would cause a business to go out of business.  

Larger Business Investment

For larger businesses that have an internal IT team, they may see a managed cloud services provider as a wasted investment. However, if you outsource this time consuming yet important task, you can utilize your internal team for other efforts such as day to day support, or other business enhancing projects.


When looking for a managed cloud provider, a company should be able to provide pricing upfront. Most cloud costs are at a fixed rate so that there are no surprises. The packages usually account for a particular cloud “size” and list out what additional services are included with this package. That being said, a provider should be able to work with you to find a solution that fits your IT budget.

Room for Expansion

As your business grows, the amount of managed cloud storage you need may change as well. By working with a managed cloud service provider you save yourself time and money. The equipment for expansion can be costly for an individual investment, whereas working with a provider who has these assets in greater quantity allows providers to offer a more realistic pricing model. Besides these savings, by working with specialists, you are saved the cost of any time your internal team would spend setting this up or troubleshooting should you have an issue.


If you're looking to make a worthwhile investment in your business, choosing a managed cloud provider may be the right choice for you. Your business should be prepared to exist anywhere, no matter what disasters your storefront faces; cloud backup is the key to allowing that.

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