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Why Use an Outside Service for Your Risk Assessment

A risk assessment evaluates an organization’s security measures by identifying current security flaws and determining what improvements must be made in order to strengthen the system against both internal and external threats. 

This process provides invaluable benefits to an organization by aiding not only security measures, but also financial planning and company communication, among others. 

Using an outside service to perform your risk assessment only increases the benefits you receive:

Benefits of Objectivity

A risk assessment provided by an outside service ensures fair and equal assessment of all security areas. 

In some cases, there is potential for people within an organization to become defensive about their particular area(s) of responsibility. But with an outside service, a guaranteed objective assessment delivers the best, most reliable results.

Increased Scope of Assessment

An outside service provides a more comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s security measures. Formerly, risk assessments were considered the responsibility of the IT group and they received little input and/or help from others. But systems have become too complex for this approach. And this complexity now requires the knowledge of an IT security specialist, which many companies prefer not to hire for their team. 

Today’s interconnected networks and integration with third parties means that the volume of information to be assessed has surpassed the capabilities of a single group. There are many areas that must be inspected: hardware, software, business processes and configurations.

Put simply, the typical resources of an IT group (in terms of both time, money and personnel) are not enough to fulfill the required, in-depth assessment that an outside service could otherwise provide. 

Effective Communication

In addition to its aid to security measures, a risk assessment provided by an outside service also offers the advantage of facilitating effective communication. As an objective third party, an outside service can act as a mediator between departments within an organization. Consequently, it can help to not only interpret and analyze the assessment results, but also ensure that everyone is on the same page about the current security threats and the actions that must be taken to eradicate them. 

In any respect, a risk assessment provides an organization with the information needed to fortify its security system. If conducted by an outside service, the added benefits of objectivity 

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