Simplify Your IT Infrastructure Management

Company IT infrastructures have traditionally been based on 3 categories — storage, networking, and servers — that have previously been delivered as separate hardware and software products. This hampers the agility that businesses now require.

Hyperconvergence replaces these legacy systems. With the integration of servers, storage, and networking combined with virtualization into an infrastructure that is flexible and simpler to manage by running all three components through the same server platform. These systems are modular, and designed to easily scale out, so additional infrastructure for your business can be deployed in minutes.

Hyperconverged infrastructures are designed to effectively support the mainstream business applications including but not limited to enterprise databases, analytics, virtual desktop infrastructures, remote and branch office workloads, disaster recovery, and test/development.

The benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure are many:

  • Simplifies IT management — providing end-to-end systems and operations management
  • Increase IT agility — deploy additional infrastructure quicker
  • Avoid over-provisioning with scalability features
  • Gain financially — reduce CapEx needs for data center refreshes and new infrastructure, and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increase your ability to protect data efficiently
  • Future-proof your IT infrastructure

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from hyperconvergence. Contact INNOVEX today to understand how this technology can apply to your company.

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