Full, Clear Wireless Coverage

A wireless infrastructure connects your mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) in the office to the Internet and to your business network.

Wireless Access Points

Placed strategically in the building, access points can provide optimal coverage everywhere. This requires careful planning so they cover all areas well, but don’t overlap and cause interference with each other.

Wireless Security

Without security procedures in place, wireless infrastructure can become a hacker’s gateway into your network.

Access points need secure authentication methods to identify users based on application, user identity, content and device. A firewall applies policy based on these parameters to allow or deny access to your system.

Separate access is often recommended to provide Internet access to your guests, but restricts them from accessing your network.

INNOVEX has extensive experience in designing and implementing wireless networks for businesses in many industries. Whether you have a small office or a large campus to cover, contact us for more information.

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