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Your Files, Your Way

The most efficient businesses have an edge as they are running lean. If you are looking to get work done securely and in as few steps as possible, ask us about our digital file management solutions. We have partnered with industry leaders to bring you the best options for your business’ specific needs. Our document management specialists will recommend solutions that can replace your paper-based business documents and processes with digital ones.

Storage and Retrieval

All types of digital files, including documents, photos, and audio recordings, are stored in one place.

  • Find them easily by use of the indexing tags.
  • The content of OCR documents can also be searched.
  • Organize data any way that makes it easier for the end user to store and retrieve it.

Maintain Version Control

Any changes to the original file are saved as additional versions, with a record of what edits were made and by whom.

  • See the flow of redactions, with versions saved at every change.
  • Prove your compliance with industry regulations, and reduce its cost.

Automated Workflows

Digital workflows can be created that match your physical workflows.

  • See faster, more efficient processing of your documents, and better tracking of their progress.
  • For security, ensure that users only see the documents that are part of their own workflow.

Auditing and Security to Protect Your Data

There are many ways this software gives you control over your business information.

  • Instant status reporting and easier auditing
  • Reduced fraud opportunities
  • Enhanced data security

It’s amazing what current technologies can do to help your office become more productive. Contact us to see how you can streamline and automate your operations.

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Manage Your Documents, and Gain Productivity

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