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Speech-to-Text Made Easy

Philips is the only full solution provider of speech-to-text software, hardware and services. Built with simplicity in mind, the Philips offerings make your dictation workflow user-friendly and streamline the process from voice to text. The integrated transcription management platform, SpeechExec, makes speech recognition, transcription and workflow automation seamless.

DAC's Phoenix Voice Solutions provides additional, top-of-the-line capabilities to maximize the ease and efficiency of your dictation workflows.


Philips SpeechLive

The simple and secure way to create documents with your voice

The most popular product, SpeechLive Cloud Dictation Service, which can add Speech to text or Transcription services.

Philips SpeechLive is the simple, easy mobile solution:
  • Built-in speech-to-text option
  • Convenient web browser access, no software needed
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive operation
  • Professional transcription services available with up to 6 speakers
  • Integrates with Dragon Speech Recognition
  • Double-encryption of data is standard
  • Security certificates always current

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Philips Pocket Memo

A digital recorder with advanced functionality:

  • Ergonomically-shaped lightweight metal body, ideal for working over longer periods of time
  • Intuitive one-thumb operation is simple to operate
  • Omnidirectional microphone for 360° sound pickup
  • A docking station that charges and transfers data to your computer
Speech Mike Premium Air

USB dictation microphone:

  • Best in class with Dragon Speech Recognition
  • Wireless for maximum mobility
  • Integrated motion sensor, controlled by the motion of your hand
  • Ergonomic features include tactile buttons and a clickable trackball
  • Four function buttons to configure the way you want

SpeechLive Recorder App

Record like a pro

  • Professional recorder 
    Perform professional recording and editing functions, such as insert, overwrite, append and cut recording sequences.
  • Real-time job status 
    Track the status of your dictations at any time.
  • Automatic routing 
    Automatically forward your dictations to the correct typist, saving time in your workflow.
  • Priority 
    Use a priority setting to assist “bumping up” urgent recordings in the queue.
  • Organize and store dictations 
    Store all your dictations in one place. Easily find previous recordings and listen or process them again.
  • Security guaranteed 
    File encryption and automatic backups ensure that your data is secure and no sensitive information is ever lost.
DAC Phoenix Voice Solutions Server

Digital dictation hub:

  • Best in class workflow solution
  • Dictate from your computer, any mobile device, dictation station or telephone, hands-free
  • Secure access logs, profile restrictions and encryption
  • Internet transcription capabilities
  • Export audio for voice-to-text conversion with Dragon NatuallySpeaking

The only professional dictation headset

with a precision microphone and lossless audio transmission Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset has been specially designed to match the needs of users who frequently use dictation or speech recognition to create documents. The premium decoupled microphone offers crystal-clear recordings, perfect for accurate transcriptions. Ultra-comfortable and ergonomic design, personalized wearing options and hygienic exchangeable cushions make the headset the perfect work companion in both hospitals and offices alike.

  • Decoupled microphone for crystal-clear recordings
  • Designed for dictation and speech recognition
  • Triple layer noise-reduction filter
  • 100% lossless audio transmission
  • 5 meters / 16 feet wireless range
  • Audible notification when moving out of wireless range
  • 360 degree rotating boom arm
  • Wearable on the left or right ear
  • Exchangeable, magnetic ear and head cushions
  • Up to 12 hours of recording time
  • 80% charge after 60 min
  • Adjust volume using the scroll wheel on the headset
  • Docking Station for wireless charging
  • Automatically turns red when recording or in a call
  • Change your status manually via the Docking Station
  • Flexible click on/off magnetic mounting
  • Exchangeable, magnetic ear and head cushions
  • Hygienic boom and remote control
  • Convenient application control
  • Start, pause and stop recording
  • Touch sensor for integrated mouse function
  • Works with Skype for Business and most VoIP apps
  • Accept or reject Skype calls via headset and Docking Station

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